Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sanctuary and National Parks in Gujarat

Gujarat Sanctuaries and National Parks
gir lion sanctuary gujaratIn Gujarat Except Geer Other Sancturies are here. Which is reserved for different birds, animals and sea creatures let’s visit the Gujarat sanctuaries (Abhyaranya) and National Parks. (udhyan).

Geer Sanctury :
Geer Sanctuary is situated in junagadh this sanctuary is known for lion and other animals along with lion like deer, leopard, black deer (kadiyar), Sabar, Wild Pig(jungle suvar), Crocodile and differegeer lion sanctuary in gujaratnt birds to see here. In the year of 1900 this sanctuary is reserve for wild animals. This sanctuary named Sasang Geer specially famous for Asiatic lions. GeerSanctuary is in total area of 1412 square kilometer.

Sea Sanctuary:
In Jamnagar district kutch to jodiya area seaside park and sanctuary both are here. National park has 163 sq. km and sanctuary spreded in 458 sq. km. different sea creatures/species are here. Islands of parvadas. A black color cornliya’s and dolphin fish is reside here.
Kadiyar Abhyaranya :
Kadiyar (black deer ) sanctua
ry is in vedavadar and vadavadar is in bhavnagar district. This sanctuary area is too small but this sanctuary is reserved for black deer. Varu are also here.
Gudkhar Sanctuary :
gudkhar wild ass sanctuary in gujarat
Gudkhar Sanctuary situated in small rann of kutch this sanctuary area is 4953 sq. km. in gudkhar abhyaran wild donkeys, neel gai ( blue bull ), fox and different birds are found here.

Nal Sarovar: nalsarovar bird sanctuary at sanand gujarat
Nal Sarovar is in the district of ahmedabad near sanand in the season of winter foreign different birds visiting this natural place. For bird watcher and bird lovers this place is heaven for them. Flamingo spoonbill, bugla, pelican, duck different varieties, saras, you can seen here.
Bear Sanctuary:
Ratan Mbear sanctuary ratanmahal jessore gujaratahal Bear Sanctuary is in panchmahal district of Gujarat state. Bear, leopard and chinkara are found here. Another bear sanctuary in Gujarat in jasor near palanpur, it is also famour for bears. Dumkhal beer sanctuary in bharuch district. It has 151 sq. km area in this sanctuary along with bear sabar. Leopard and zarakh are stays.

Vasanda national park:
Vasanda is in the district of valsad here different animals and species of different plants are found.